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Friday, September 21, 2007

Yoga, an example of nanotechnology

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Using yoga to treat a disease is just another example of using nanotechnology in medicine, according to leading yoga and spiritual guru Swami Ramdev.

'In yoga, we use breathing techniques to treat a disease. This provides oxygen to the affected parts of the body,' said Ramdev during a talk on science and spirituality 'Bridging the gap: Nanohealth', held as part of the fifth global knowledge millennium summit on bio and nano technology here Thursday.

'Just as nanotechnology has the potential to send nano particles within the body system to seek out and treat afflicted parts, pranayam in yoga sends oxygen to the remotest parts inside the body which need oxygen for cure,' he said.

Peter Grutter, professor of Physics in Canada's McGill University and a world leader in nanotechnology research, who was the other main panellist in the discussion, appreciated Ramdev's use of yoga in curing diseases.

'From a philosophical point of view, as a scientist for me it was very interesting how you described curing diseases through yoga,' Grutter said.

Stating that there is no such thing like dogma in science, the professor said: 'Nanotechnology has to be evaluated and seen what are the positive and negative impacts.'

He said in the end it is all about what the society needs.

'Do people want nanoparticles running in their body to cure some cancer or do they not?'

The three-day summit, which concludes Friday is being organised by industry body Assocham.

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