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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Prepare for the digital switch over

Changing world changes technology, scientist researcher continuously working for easy life, and the high technology is serving as time saver, accurate chooser and others to chage lifestyle,

On February 17, 2009, most TV stations will stop broadcasting analog signals and begin broadcasting digital signals only. Despite considerable confusion about who's going to lose their signal on February 17, 2009, the experts tell us only those with rabbit ears or a TV antenna on their house will be affected.
Best Buy Employee Erik Jensen says, "Anybody who's currently having any type of cable, high definition stuff, digital already or like a satellite system has absolutely nothing to worry about."
While new TV's have a built in digital tuner, the age of your TV doesn't matter.

Jensen says, "If you have an old TV set, an old black and white, if you have it hooked up to cable or satellite, at this point in time there'll be no change."
According to KDLT Chief Engineer Don Sturzenbecher, the station has invested $2 million in the conversion so far and estimates it will spend at least 3 million more.
Sioux Falls is currently getting a digital signal. The Mitchell area is next this summer.
Beginning New Year's Day, the government will take requests for $40 coupons that can be applied toward the digital converter box.
According to, the boxes will cost $60. With that coupon, it is expected to set consumers back $20.
The coupons go out to customers February 17th, exactly one year from the switch.
Each household will be able to request up to two $40 coupons for the converter boxes.
Those in the market for a digital converter box will be able to buy them coming up in 2008 at thousands of stores nationwide.
At we have a chart that shows how to make sure you have a signal depending on your TV and how you get that signal now.


Owners of analog TV sets can send off their application for a free converter box beginning tomorrow, to prepare for the digital switch over that happened in February 2009.
Two coupons will be sent to each person who applies. Each one is worth $40 off a digital converter box. The devices, which are expected to cost around $60 each, will transform an analog signal to a digital one that will work with the new standards. No such device exists in the retail market now.The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) will open up for the program tomorrow. Consumers can apply via 1-888-DTV-2009, or online at are expected to begin selling the boxes in February. Accordingly, the government will start to mail out coupons on February 17, 2008.All major big box retailers including Best Buy, Circuit City, Target and Wal-Mart will sell the converter boxes.

Welcome 2008 ! ,happy !happy new year V Five burning questions as we begin New Year’s Day

Wishing a very happy happy new year to the all reades of our blog.
Same time from the various news source of wishing of year 2008 we note the five questions of By Tony Barnhart of
pls note
Happy New Year folks! If you’re a college football fan this is the most fun day of the year with wall-to-wall games, ending with our Sugar Bowl match-up tonight.

When New Year’s Day gets here I always have a lot of questions. Here are my top five. What are yours?

I’ll come back with an update at the end of the day and give you some final thoughts before tonight’s Sugar Bowl.

1. Can the SEC go 9-0? Auburn’s dramatic overtime win over Clemson in last night’s Chick-fil-A Bowl gives the SEC a 4-0 record in the bowl season thus far as Mississippi State, Kentucky, and Alabama have also won. Tennessee, Florida, Arkansas, and Georgia all play today. LSU plays for the BCS championship here on Monday night. At the end of this day the SEC could be 8-0 in bowls after going 7-1 last season. It’s a long shot, but it could happen.

We again wecome 2008

2. Will Tim Tebow be more fired up than normal?: The Florida quarterback isn’t into smack talk, but he is an intense competitor, one of the most intense I’ve ever seen. So when Michigan linebacker Shawn Crable says that Tebow, the Heisman Trophy winner, “is just a quarterback” you have to wonder if the big fella may play pretty well today in the Capital One Bowl. Shawn, my man, you don’t tug on Superman’s cape.

3. Will Darren McFadden step up? Arkansas running back Darren McFadden will be one of the top three picks in the NFL draft even if he were to sit out today’s Cotton Bowl with Missouri. And it has not been a fun week for McFadden as charges swirled that he obtained a car from an agent in violation of NCAA rules. McFadden was cleared of those charges but you have to wonder where his mind is as this game begins. Does he run with a chip on his shoulder? Or does hold back?

4. Will West Virginia care? We know the Mountaineer fans don’t care about the Fiesta Bowl because they turned back so many tickets. Traditionally West Virginia fans travel better than anybody, but it’s been a tough month for them. West Virginia lost a chance to play for the national championship with the inexplicable collapse against Pittsburgh on Dec. 1. Then coach Rich Rodriguez bolts to Michigan in what has become a very messy divorce. Forgotten in all of this, as is usually the case, are the players. What is their mindset going to be when they take the field against Oklahoma? Oklahoma, we should point out, is very, very good. Think the Fiesta Bowl people are wishing right now that they had taken Hawaii?

5. What is the over and under on how many times Colt Brennan will get hit? Trust me when I tell you that, win or lose, Hawaii quarterback Colt Brennan will need to spend some time in the hot tub Wednesday morning before he goes back to Honolulu. Georgia is going to keep it clean, but every time the defense gets a chance to give him a love tap, they will. Try to keep score at home tonight and see now many times he gets “nudged.” I will say this: He is a tough kid and he’s used to getting hit. But I don’t think he’s used to getting hit by SEC defenses.

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