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Friday, September 21, 2007


New range of phones with HSDPA connectivity and 8GB storage out-of-box are on the horizon. No WiMAX phones yet, though.

Sprint's aging EV-DO network has no future, so the carrier is forced to roll out a more capable network infrastructure in order to continue being a major player. At a recent event, Sprint made it clear to us that they will roll out a WiMAX network, and a range of manufacturers will release products soon.

Verizon Wireless, which is in the same position as Sprint, has chosen Qualcomm's MediaFLO network solution in order to get a more capable multimedia network rolled out. On the other hand, Verizon Wireless also seems determined to compete with Google when it comes to rolling out a new nationwide network from scratch. Nevertheless, the status of Verizon Wireless' multimedia services as of today isn't much to brag about, so the carrier may be forced to walk down the WiMAX road as well to ensure their customer base stays intact.

In terms of officially announced handsets, AT&T's HSDPA network seems to have a bright future though. T-Mobile is also planning on rolling out a HSDPA network, but on a different frequency. As such, most of the currently hottest upcoming phones will only work on AT&T's HSDPA network. However, we expect to see a range of WiMAX and MediaFLO handsets being announced later this fall.

HP iPAQ 512 Voice Messenger- Overview:Overview

The HP iPAQ Voice Messenger offers professionals a powerful, easy-to-use Smartphone that combines the mobility of a cell phone, the capability of a handheld organizer, contact of a push e-mail device, and the power of an office phone system.


• Work in motion. Take your office on the road with productivity applications and the office functionality of mobile versions of Windows. Get to your most important Smartphone tasks quickly and easily with personalized shortcuts.

• Speak your mind. Voice Commander provides your own personal Voice Valet. Use spoken commands to perform a multitude of tasks. Have e-mails read to you and reply without typing. Dial a contact by name or digits. Get appointments read to you.

• Talk for hours - With hours of talk time, there is less to lose from dropped conversations. Save your wireless airtime minutes while in the office with VoIP (Voice Over IP) over your company's wireless LAN (WiFi) and PBX phone system.

• Protect your mobile work. Outlook security helps keep e-mail and other documents secure. Remotely erase data on lost or misplaced devices. iPAQ persistent storage helps protect your data, settings, and installed applications.

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