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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Tidal Energy summit- 28th & 29th NOVEMBER 2007

Tidal energy, it's more predictable than wind energy or solar power. It's capable of capturing four times MORE energy than anything air based. Increasing the commercial adoption rate of tidal technology requires increasing the availability of proven technology components via adoption of mass production and persistent government support to enable this technology to constantly evolve. Meeting the true needs of society without comprising the economy or the environment.

Naturally, there are challenges such as regulation, security of supply, supply chain issues, grid connection and network capacity. And no-one is minimising the difficulties that lie ahead. Nevertheless, tidal energy seems to be on course to meet the power needs of 1,600,000 UK homes by 2020 – a figure that equates to three per cent of the country's total electricity supply.

Not bad going for a technology that is barely out of R&D and poised to enter the make-or-break innovation cycle. Moreover, with Wave Hub and EMEC fully booked, it's clear that prototype testing is really taking off - and with the launch of NaREC, realistic simulation for large-scale tidal testing is now available.

Add to this the Government's one-stop shop for offshore renewables planning applications to speed up the process of making marine technology an everyday reality – a clear indication of support to this embryonic yet hugely exciting space – and the time is right for tidal energy to take centre stage at a Summit that's dedicated to the practicalities of moving from ‘great idea' to ‘business reality'.

Be part of the event that will help set the agenda for the next phase of tidal energy development – and bring innovators face to face with industry trail-blazers and serious potential investors

With more than twenty devices set to go onto the market, competition is about to get fierce – and inevitably, the funding available is already regarded as limited, making the demand for proven results critical.

All of which spells perfect timing for the UK's first tidal-dedicated event to examine the specific challenges currently being faced by all who work within the tidal industry and the solutions you need to ensure success over the next 12 months

Quite simply, we aim to get you into the water, help you gain genuine technical experience offshore, build confidence within the investment world and ultimately be able to deliver a commercially viable product that will revolutionise the way tidal energy generation is perceived.

Such is the importance of the Tidal Energy Summit that we have already attracted speakers of the very highest calibre. Giving you the opportunity to meet and talk business with the MDs and CEOs of companies like Marine Current Turbines, Lunar Energy, Pulse Generation and BWEA. You'll hear from the BERR, Greenpeace and the International Energy Council. And have the opportunity to talk numbers with Barclays, Econnect and Black and Veatch. Others that can play an important role in your success include NaREC, EMEC, SeaRoc, ecofly (E-concern) and One NorthEast. Hear academic advances from Edinburgh University and Trailblazer Business Futures and this is just for starters!

Over the past few months we've spoken to more than fifty of your peers, in order to identify – and address – the business-critical challenges you've identified. Which means that if you consider yourself a pioneer, innovator or visionary, you won't feel out of place at the Tidal Energy Summit.

In a nutshell, here's what you've told us:
"The market needs to deliver a machine in the water that satisfies the needs of the end user and hence stimulates the supply chain to mobilise. We need to act now in order to create a market and create competition. Only from this will a direct route to market become evident. But first we need to address four specific challenges..."

Four business-critical issues that are at the top of your professional agenda right now – with the solutions that can help you achieve a well-rewarded, market-leading position in the months ahead

THE TECHNOLOGY: Survivability, reliability and maintenance are essential core components that have to measure up to the most exacting of high standards. While testing centres allow monitoring, they are only part of the process. Your prototypes must survive outside of the test centre – even full-scale models will fail to capture any serious money. But scaling is a difficult process that requires you to reshape your workforce. At the Tidal Energy Summit, you'll discover how to drive down the cost of production by looking in-depth at processes used by production engineers to find the optimum size for your turbine.
FINANCE: The Marine Renewable Deployment Fund can help get your projects started – but what then? Key sessions of the Summit will address financial mechanisms such as equity, grant funding, debt funding and access. You'll be crystal clear on what's needed to make our fledgling industry viable, commercial and competitive – and meet valuable contacts who could help you secure the extra funding that's so vital.
COST-EFFECTIVE DEPLOYMENT AND INSTALLATION: It's often a daunting, costly process – which is why this is your chance to leverage the experience of oil, gas and ship-building companies that have overcome these barriers, installed large devices to the sea floor and established cost-efficient operation and maintenance strategies. At present, vessels deemed suitable are in short supply, therefore they can dictate the price. But with experts like SeaRoc present, we'll show you the full extent of options available to make your project more cost effective – without comprising performance.
LICENSING: The system of proposals being dealt with in chronological order is hugely frustrating – and costly, too. While there's much to consider – including potential conflicts with other water users and estimates of potential environmental damage – this is further compounded when you consider that the electricity you generate will need to be connected to the land to serve a community. Would looking at pre-commercial proposals first in parallel with banding be better? Or still unnecessarily expensive? During what promises to be a controversial Summit session, we've gathered together senior people who have a real hand in deciding your licensing fate.
A powerful – and unique – forum for networking with people who can help you take your business to the next level – and beyond

When you come to examine the full Summit Agenda, you'll see how the sessions mesh together to help you make the vital leap from the lab to the water. This is an event where practicalities are at the forefront. No classroom talk or empty theory. Instead, we guarantee to deliver strategies, techniques and methods that will help boost your return on investment – and give you a competitive edge when it comes to taking devices from the lab to the sea.

You can be sure that if you attend this event you will gain a wealth of knowledge and intelligence on core issues. No matter whether your prime need is to; scale your device, understand the essentials of operation and maintenance, learn tactics that will enable you to successfully deployment and install your device whilst avoiding costly pitfalls or guarantee yourself a consenting license without any hold ups then this is for you!

By the time the Summit ends, you'll be armed with the knowledge and information you need to refine your business strategy and ensure you're ready to claim your share of a green industrial revolution that's going to be worth £600 million.

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