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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Affordable Solar Power On The Horizon

Affordable Solar Power On The Horizon

Environmentally friendly solar panels may be an affordable alternative to conventional power sources within the next ten years, as a result of a new initiative launched this week.

The project, funded by the Carbon Trust, will be led by the University of Cambridge's Cavendish Laboratory in collaboration with The Technology Partnership.

Currently solar panels are made from silicon, which makes them expensive to manufacture and therefore cost prohibitive for many. However, new technology being researched at Cambridge uses plastic to create solar cells, a much more cost effective and energy efficient method.

The scientists have already developed a small prototype solar panel that can power a calculator. The next step will be to advance this technology so that it can be easily applied on a much larger scale and ultimately be manufactured in large sheets of plastic. These sheets will be able to sit on a wide range of surfaces, including windows or building roofs, to capture solar energy. Simple applications could also include chargers for mobile telephones or laptop computers.

If the project succeeds in its aim to deploy more than 1 gigawatt of power using the new solar panels by 2017, it could deliver CO2 savings of more than 1 million tonnes per year.

Sir Richard Friend, Cavendish Professor of Physics in the University of Cambridge, said:

"We are delighted to work with The Technology Partnership and the Carbon Trust on solar energy. This is a timely opportunity to build on technology developed in the University, and we will capitalise on the local Cambridge strengths in taking science to manufacturing."

For further information, please contact the University of Cambridge Office of Communications on 01223 332300.


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Regardless of what people believe about Global Warming--the fact is that the population is growing and we need affordable clean renewable energy sources. Many do not want more nuclear plants built and most renewable energy systems available for purchase are approximately $40,000 or more. NOW There is a better solution on the horizon.

Several Fortune 500 companies have teamed up with a Delaware Company to invest over $650 Million into a solar panel rental program that is targeting to "solarize" 25% of American single family homes. Rental fees will consist of the locked current electricity rate guaranteed not to increase over the time of the contract (up to 25 years). Only a small refundable security deposit is required.

Renewable Energy Credits will help to support this project. The latest technology in photovoltaic solar panels will be rolling off the assembly lines later 2007. Applications are currently being accepted for qualifying U.S. residential homes. It is prudent to reserve a system early if interested in affordable alternative energy.

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