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Saturday, October 6, 2007

OB10 achieved a ranking of 33rd - the leading global B2B e-Invoicing network

OB10 is the leading global B2B e-Invoicing network. Customers of all sizes optimise their invoice processes with OB10 and benefit from improved efficiency and transparency within the Financial Supply Chain;

  • Founded in 2000

  • Regional Centres in London, Atlanta, Kuala Lumpur

  • Supporting Offices in Germany, Sofia and Bangalore

  • Compliant with the requirements of purchase tax and e-Invoicing legislation

  • A global trading network - thousands of companies across 90 countries

OB10 typically reduces the cost of paper invoice processing by 60% and delivers an ROI in less than a year.

Uniquely, to use OB10 neither buyers nor their suppliers need to implement any hardware or software. And with OB10's ANY-TO-ANY-DATA-FORMATTING, there is no need to change the file formats used at either end - OB10 takes care of the complex reformatting processes.

To enjoy the full benefits of e-Invoicing, usage is essential. OB10 ensures this by providing an unrivalled and rapid supplier enrolment service to take suppliers through the implementation process. These services are provided using our multi-national teams in one of our regional centres, providing local support with a global reach.

OB10, the global e-Invoicing network, has today announced that it has achieved a ranking of 33rd place in this year's The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100, the highly regarded league table of Britain's 100 fastest-growing private technology companies.

OB10 enables organisations to exchange electronic invoices, which increases efficiency, reduces costs, and helps to improve financial management. OB10 is also a "green" technology, helping to reduce the environmental impact caused by the manual production and distribution of paper invoices. The company now boasts members in over 90 countries and across six continents, making it the most comprehensive network of its kind.

"We are delighted to be included in The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100, and to see that our hard work and commitment to our customers is really making a difference for the company," says Jamie Gunn, CEO, OB10. "We truly believe in what we are doing - for our customers - and will continue to grow and develop through additional Research & Development, a number of new and enhanced services, and by forging even stronger relationships with our customers and business partners."

Tech Track 100 ranks Britain's fastest-growing private tech companies based on sales growth over the latest two years. This year, growth ranged from 52% pa to 514% pa, with sales typically between £3m and £25m. Companies on the league table have developed a diverse range of products and services, including synthetic bone graft material and e-commerce software.

Tech Track 100 is compiled by Fast Track and published in The Sunday Times each September, with an awards event in November. The companies featured in this year's The Sunday Times Microsoft Tech Track 100 have increased their sales by an average of 124% a year over a two-year period, to their latest available accounts.

Since its inception in 2000, OB10 has doubled its growth year on year, largely due to an increased number of buying organisations adopting its e-Invoicing solution, as well as an increase in the number of suppliers joining the network. As a result, the Company has continued to expand its operations with an increased presence in Germany, as well as expanded operations in Kuala Lumpur and Sofia, and moved its US Headquarters to bigger premises in Atlanta, Georgia.

In order to complement its e-Invoicing offering and offer even broader benefits to its customers, OB10 has also recently introduced a number of new enhanced services, including a range of Purchase Order Services which will allow buyers and suppliers to close the transaction loop in the purchase to invoice cycle. Likewise, a new Supplier Payment scheme will allow customers to combine advance supplier payment with carefully controlled cash flow management, whilst Invoice Status Checks will allow suppliers to see the status of their invoices after they have been delivered by OB10.

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