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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Green Power Stations are no Pipe Dream

Sky News, Science Daily, Tyne Tees TV and BBC Radio Newcastle are just some of the media outlets that are highlighting EPSRC funded research at Newcastle University that could cut greenhouse gas emissions from power stations.

The work involves controlling the combustion process with tiny tubes made from an advanced ceramic material. The material known as LSCF, has the remarkable property of being able to filter oxygen out of the air. By burning fuel in pure oxygen it is possible to produce a stream of almost pure carbon dioxide, which has commercial potential for reprocessing into useful chemicals.

Details of the research and development project are also published today (3 August 2007) simultaneously in two technical publications - Materials World and The Chemical Engineer. A series of research papers have also been published in academic journals as the project has developed.

The tubes of LSCF, which stands for Lanthanum-Strontium-Cobalt-Ferric Oxide, have been tested successfully in the laboratory and the design is attracting interest from the energy industry. The Newcastle team is now carrying out further tests on the durability of the tubes to confirm their initial findings that they could withstand the conditions inside a power station combustion chamber for a reasonable length of time.

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