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Thursday, November 11, 2010

World's first optically correct 3D glasses

World's first optically correct 3D glasses
Weekly high-tech product releases: World's first optically correct 3D glasses, light-powered keyboard, e-ink phone

Designer sportswear and eyewear maker Oakley has created the world's first optically correct 3D glasses, the Oakley 3D Gascan. Not only are they a lot more fashionable than the majority of existing 3D glasses on the market, the Gascan's optimize the wearer's 3D viewing experience by eliminating ghosting and providing a wider field of view without visual distortion. The glasses are priced at $120 and will be released later this month.

A keyboard that is powered by the sun (or your desk lamp)
Logitech has unveiled its first ever solar keyboard, the Wireless Solar Keyboard K750, giving users the ability to reduce their power consumption. The innovative, 7.5mm thick solar keyboard is powered by any light source (from both indoors and outdoors) and can work in total darkness for up to three months. The Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 will start shipping in the US and Europe from January 2011 for €79.99.

An innovative mobile phone that uses an e-ink keyboard
Samsung's Zeal is a dual-hinge messaging phone with a morphing e-ink keyboard. The unique e-ink keyboard lets users swap between QWERTY, numeric and alpha-only keyboards for easier text entry. It also comes with a 2 MP still and video-capable camera, Bluetooth, support for Exchange email, social networking, and turn by turn navigation. The Samsung Zeal will be available on November 11 for $79.99 on a two-year agreement after a $50 mail-in rebate.

An intelligent portable wireless speaker and speakerphone
The Jambox is mobile technology company Jawbone's first wireless speaker and speakerphone. Users can connect their digital gadgets via Bluetooth and seamless play music and audio associated with the movies, and games playing on their device. The Jambox can also be used for hands free phone conversations and can be updated with apps, software and new features available on Jawbone's MyTALK platform. The Jawbone Jambox is priced at $199 and is available from November 16.

A dual-screen tablet for students
The Kno is a dual, 14.1 inch touchscreen tablet designed to meet the needs of students. It gives students up to 6 hours of normal use and access to digital textbooks. It comes with WiFi, Bluetooth, 1080p video playback, support for Adobe Flash and touch or stylus input. The Dual Screen Kno is priced at $899 for the 16GB version and at $999 for the 32GB version. A single screen version is available for $599 (16GB) or $699 (32GB). All version of the Kno will be available from December 20.

A mirrorless camera that's lighter, smaller and easier to use
Panasonic's latest Micro Four Thirds camera, the Lumix GF2, is smaller and lighter than the company's existing models whilst still offering powerful features. It has a newly designed and easy-to-use interface, a three inch touchsensitive LCD screen, video recording and a range of auto focus modes. The Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF2 will arrive in stores by January 2011. Pricing will be announced in December.

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