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Monday, September 8, 2008

Dont worry, its Safe-LHC

no chance that the Earth will cease to exist as CERN scientists activate the Large Hadron Collider this Wednesday. So, to all the morons, please stop writing and watch the LHC start up on September 10th using the real-time CERN video broadcast.
And by the way, there's still a chance that one day an asteroid like the one in the video hits Earth, as it has happened six times before. So our advice still applies: don't do your homework, have sex, and love everyone. Except these bozos:
The clueless type
hello here,the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is the worlds largest particle accelerator complex. which will replicate the beginning of a galaxy. in other words something like the big bang theory, the first attempt to use it is scheduled for september, 10, 2008 or this wednesday. i dont know much about it but if it works it will be the single greatest discovery of man kind. answering such questions like "how did we get here?" or "how did it all start?" also time travel and alternate dimensions come into question. But if it fails it could become a black hole and we'll all die. i just heard this from a friend today and was wondering if you guys knew anything about it. i did some research of my own but im still confused was hoping for a dumbed up version. also i'm a new gizmodo member and would like to be allowed to comment. thanx
Man, you are already banned and you haven't even been approved.
The psychopath type
con-artist fascist net-nazi and con-artist mccain/obama/bush do absolutely nothing to defend the u.s. constitution,ergo; if the LHC is allowed to go online, you have failed at defending the constitution or world safety ya clown porn con-artists (if the shoe fits)...the bbc fails to list all the hidden/missing variables in regards to LHC operations..thier "world service" is a "world dis-serice" via dis-informing the public of potential dangers and frauds involved...I will from this date forward add the BBC as complicit in the cern-lhc and affilates decades worth of frauds as I have done with obama/mccain, scott morely, frank wilczek and robert jaffe (to name a few) of clown porn fktard con-artist artist MIT as well as marjorie con-artist shapiro of berkeley, ken bloom of UNL, arkani ahmed of harvard and conan obrien for featuring con artist robert fisher of MIT who works at the atlas detector, ergo; unsolicited comunication of LHC safety...

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