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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Microsoft To Push Vista With New Campaign

To say that Windows Vista wasn't a particularly successful upgrade for Microsoft would be an understatement.

It's an operating system that's been plagued with problems since release and among other things, just doesn't offer enough genuine advantages over the now relatively stable and hardware friendly XP.
Microsoft recently extended the life of Windows XP to 2010 (it was originally going to be binned at the end of last month) for just these reasons, but hasn't given up on try to persuade people to move on.

A new $300m campaign looks to stoke up consumer demand for the OS with the software giant all but admitting the initial release was a bit of a balls-up, but 'everything's ok now'.

Personally we're still sceptical, and like a child that cries and wets its pants when mummy tries to take away a toy it's too old to play with, are happy to stick with XP for a bit longer.

If you've been sitting on the fence in recent times you can check out Microsoft's new product page, which includes the top 10 things to try and 100 reasons to upgrade and is entitled "Why Now?" from the link below. We wonder if the words "For the love of god..." were dropped from that particular headline during a final briefing

Microsoft should drive down the cost of Vista so low that people might start considering investing in it. I mean in uk something like £30. Get people using it.

Otherwise waste $300 million. We still don't care. All we need is more official themes like the Zune theme for XP and we're more than happy with it.

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