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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The international symposium on nanotechnology opens in Vladivostok on Monday

The international symposium on nanotechnology opens in Vladivostok on Monday , 150 reports and 35 scientist of the Far East department of russian Academy of science(RAN)willspeak about teir novelties.Researchers from Japan,the United staes and china will also make reports on their achievements in the sphere of nanotechnology.
RAN vice president . Novel prize winner Zhores Alferow has become the co-chairman of the symposium.

According to Alferov, Vladivostok has been chosen as the venue of the symposium for several reasons. “First, scientific research in this sphere has been successfully developing here. Second, it is necessary to stimulate its further development. Therefore we, on the one hand, are using the scientific potential of the RAN’s Far East department, and on the other – this symposium will promote its further development,” said the scientist.
“We are using the potential of the Far East department of the RAN. As compared with past years, very many specialists form Asian countries, in which nanotechnologies are intensively developing, are currently taking part in the symposium,” said Alferov.
Several institutes at a time are engaged in the RAN’s Far East department in the development of nanotechnology. Scientists are working out new technologies for their application in the oil production, sea biology, shipbuilding and marine engineering spheres.
The symposium will work for four days. The organisers are certain that the forum will expand cooperation of Russian scientists with scientific organisations of countries of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and its results will work for the development of the sphere of the national nanoindustry – science-intensive economy of knowledge and high technology.

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