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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Software Testing 3.0: The Continuing Evolution of Software Testing

This paper traces the evolution of software testing through its first two phases, and then presents the current state-of-the-practice: Software Testing 3.0, an independent and strategic approach to software quality.

The paper concludes with a discussion for senior executives on how and why software testing can finally meet and exceed management expectations, illustrated by real-world case studies showing how two companies benefited from Software Testing 3.0 to test better and faster while lowering their costs.

This Caritor white paper outlines the benefits and challenges that are associated with each of three different software testing engagement models. Those models include testing services provided by:

Software development engineers who are allocated to testing
Test engineers organized into a separate function within the development organization
Independent testing organizations or software firms having an independent testing practice
Download the paper to find out which of these models is most effective at improving software quaility, speeding time to market, and reducing support and maintenance costs.

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