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Thursday, December 6, 2007

iPhone home with new Interface

Google on Wednesday announced the release of a new interface to enable iPhone users to navigate Google's various services through a unified interface.

When iPhone users visit the Google site using the Safari browser on their iPhone, they'll find a navigation bar that lets them switch between Google Search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader and other services.

Google says they're using browser technologies like Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX) to accomplish the feat. iPhone users are redirected to a different URL -- -- when they first visit the site. Users can opt for the new interface or for the "classic" view using a hyperlink on the home page

Google's iPhone home screen makes services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Reader more accessible through the use of Ajax menu tabs.
In another of many recent mobile-oriented announcements, Google (NSDQ: GOOG) on Wednesday rolled out a new interface that provides iPhone users with a more intuitive way to access Google's online services.
In a blog post, Steve Kanefsky, a software engineer for Google's mobile team, explains that he began to redesign Google's home page for iPhone users after the iPhone launched to make better use of its touch screen, Wi-Fi, and Safari browser.

"I started thinking about how to use Ajax technology to improve Google on the iPhone," Kanefsky said. "I set out to create an application that would preload my favorite Google products and allow me to switch between them instantly. I wanted Web results as well as image, local, and news results without having to repeat my search. I wanted to check Gmail and my news feeds in Google Reader without having to load a new page every time. I also wanted Google Suggest to save me time typing queries on the virtual keyboard."

Following internal testing at Google, the new interface now appears to iPhone users who visit

Beyond a design better suited to the iPhone's screen, the new interface makes Google services like Gmail, Calendar, and Reader more accessible and responsive through the use of Ajax menu tabs.

There's also a More tab that leads to other Google services such as Docs, GOOG-411, SMS, News, Photos, Blogger, and Notebook.

Judging by the supportive nature of the comments posted on the Official Google Mobile Blog about the new changes, the net result of the redesign appears likely to be happier users and greater use of Google services through mobile phones.

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