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Monday, November 5, 2007

A Warning !!!! :Chemical weapons create toxic waste nightmare

We want environment for us , for next generation , so in all espect we have to think the reaction of thing or policies we are innitiating , have to clear about CONFLICT: EVOLUTION AND FUTURE OF COMBAT AND WEAPONS

MEETING in the Hague next week, the signatories to the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) will celebrate the fact that Albania and the UK have destroyed their last chemical weapons and that India and South Korea are almost done. But there will be an elephant in the room: in their scramble to destroy weapons by a 2012 deadline, Russia and the US, which possess over 95 per cent of the world's chemical weapons, are creating thousands of tonnes of a nasty, toxic residue that they are having trouble disposing of.

Chemical weapons can be incinerated directly. But fearing a release of toxic gases, half the American and all the Russian weapons sites are breaking down the lethal molecules by adding alkali, a technique called hydrolysis. This creates a new problem: how to dispose of the resulting toxic soup, known as the hydrolysate.

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