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Saturday, November 3, 2007

Teneo Micro Instruments Launches Low Cost, Precision Microtools for Life Sciences and MEMs Applications

Teneo Micro Instruments LLC, an IP2Biz company, announced the launch of the Teneo TM70xx line of mechanically actuated microtools. The tool set, created by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, offers a diversity of tool materials, requires no electrical or thermal power to operate and seamlessly integrates and augments standard microprobe and micromanipulator stations.
Developed from technology licensed exclusively to IP2Biz LLC from the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC), Teneo's microtools have found immediate acceptance by researchers in life sciences providing acute cellular manipulations, micro-dissection, microscopy sample positioning, cell stimulation and measurement. Additional MEMs applications include micro-assembly, fiber optic positioning, stiction release and MEMs probing. Emerging applications are taking root in semi-conductor probing.

"In the course of our work, we found we needed new tools that didn't exist. So we created them," said Jim Ross, neuroscience / MEMs researcher and Teneo co-founder. "Researchers in MEMs and Life Sciences require tools with simple operation, increased functionality beyond mechanical manipulation, nano-scale resolution and reliability - all at a reasonable cost."

The elegant micro-cam driven design features a broad range of stock and custom tool styles -- straight, serrated, piercing and custom tips. Functional variations include micro-scissors, sensors and electrophysiology tools made of polymers and metals. Flexible in scale, tool sizes range from microns to millimeters and offer superior reliability.

"Teneo's microtools are invaluable providing reliable, hassle-free functionality to meet the diverse application needs in micro-scale development," commented Richard Dickson, President of Signatone Corporation, the worldwide distributor for Teneo Micro Instruments.

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