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Sunday, November 4, 2007

NEC Develops Security Minded -Picture Perfect ATM Display

NEC Develops Security Minded -Picture Perfect ATM Display

NEC has developed a sharp, clear security minded module for ATM technology. Sensing the ever challenging problems of identity and personal data theft,

The NEC LCD Technologies division has developed a TFT LCD Module display that maintains sharpness and clarity while shifting effortlessly between wide and narrow angle views. This improvement is specifically aimed at commercial ATM machines where the security of the displayed data can and has been compromised by over the shoulder peeks by others.

NEC has produced a working model of this security minded display by placing a polarizing plate at the back of the new panel. This panel disperses light across 140 degree or 30 degree angles. Previous methods utilized screens in front of the panel to change the angle. This older version seriously hampered the sharpness and clarity of the display.

According to a NEC Headquarters press release, the angle-switching control enables the light from the backlight system to be switched from a diffused pattern to a straight pattern by control signals.

The distinct advantage of the new LCD module is its ability to show non-private commercial advertising in one mode and then switch to the privacy mode when personal data is displayed.

Currently, NEC has produced two fields of visions for the display. The possible development of other views and flexibility of the technology is under consideration by the NEC LCD Technologies division.

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