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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Innovation software increases efficiency

Innovation software increases efficiency

Invention Machine has released the Japanese version of it Goldfire Innovator software.
Invention Machine, a provider of software that accelerates the process of innovation, has released the Japanese version of Goldfire Innovator. Invention Machine's Goldfire Innovator software brings unprecedented structure and discipline to the innovation process, enabling engineers to systematically tackle engineering problems across a product's lifecycle to reduce the delivery time for new product innovations, rapidly resolve problems in existing products and continuously improve production processes.

Goldfire Innovator empowers users to rapidly fuel product pipelines with more competitive, more cost-effective and higher performing product offerings.

Goldfire Innovator brings efficiency and repeatability to the product innovation process by integrating a problem analysis workbench with a semantic knowledge engine and relevant technical content.

Goldfire Innovator enables organisations to better access internal corporate knowledge as well as worldwide technical literature, such as a database of more than 15 million patents and a library of thousands of proprietary scientific effects.

This allows them to deliver precise answers to problem challenges, stimulate concept generation and to avoid duplication of effort.

Goldfire Innovator includes a significant number of customer-driven enhancements to Invention Machine's widely used TechOptimiser and semantic technologies, bringing together problem analysis methodologies and concept generation capabilities along with pinpoint access to worldwide patent databases and rich scientific and engineering content.

Beyond significant ease of use enhancements over earlier products, Goldfire Innovator features preconfigured and customisable workflows that guide users through problem solving processes, improve problem analysis and understanding, focus efforts on solving the right problem, and avoid rework and conceptual dead-ends.

'We are committed to enabling our Japanese clients to make the innovation process more structured, repeatable and efficient', said Mark Atkins, Chairman, President and CEO of Invention Machine.

'By increasing research and ideation efficiencies, Goldfire Innovator allows engineers to conceive more and better ideas and to overcome technical obstacles to fuel product pipelines and improve production processes'.

'Goldfire Innovator provides the Japanese market with an innovation platform to enable sustainable growth, competitive advantage and customer base expansion'.

'Based on our eight years' experience of consulting, supporting and marketing Invention Machine's products in Japan, we are sure that the Japanese version of Goldfire Innovator will become a more powerful weapon for the engineers in the Japanese manufacture to solve their problems', said Yoshihisa Konishi, Project Manager, Knowledge Creation Business of Mitsubishi Research Institute.

'Especially in Japan, where the intellectual property problems are gaining importance, this problem solving environment will exert far reaching effects'.

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