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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Advancing the utility infrastructure through automation-AMI 360

AMI 360: Beyond meter-to-bill.

Utilities worldwide are embracing a "Smart Grid" vision for the future, leveraging new infrastructure to improve asset management and optimize resource planning. This modernization and automation encompasses smart metering, system monitoring and control electronics, and information management - all operating holistically to achieve utility enterprise-wide benefits. Often, a key contributing element to this goal is Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI).

To realize the full range of potential benefits from this effort, it is critical that a full 360-degree view of possible device-level interactions, communications requirements and capabilities, and user-focused applications, is examined and quantified.

KEMA has the proven experience helping utilities and other key stakeholders realize that AMI is more than advanced meters, communications, and back office systems. Our team continually hones its skills with practical hands-on knowledge that is supported with robust analytical tools. We are ready to help recommend strategies, evaluate options, and develop deployment plans that can help utilities meet their current and future needs.

About AMI 360

Frequently, the primary utility AMI initiative focuses on mainstream applications such as Meter to Bill. While this is an essential and fundamental through the meter area, the expanded endpoint visibility provided by the infrastructure now makes it both reasonable and appropriate to examine services that can be provided behind and alongside the meter.

Through the meter services include:

· On cycle and off cycle billing

· Revenue protection

· Meter-centric Customer Services

· Meter to bill process efficiencies and streamlining

Behind the meter services include::

· Pre-payment systems

· Web presentment

· Appliance monitoring and control

· Programmable Communicating Thermostats

· Smart device management (e.g., plug-in electric hybrid vehicles)

Alongside the meter services include:

· Load forecasting

· Distribution engineering planning

· Secondary voltage monitoring and control

· Related utility telemetry applications (e.g., distribution automation, stray voltage)

· Net Metering

Meet KEMA's AMI 360 Team

Autovation 2007 - October 1 & 2, 2007 (Reno, NV)

EMA is home to a global network of experts focused on helping utilities develop intelligent networks and communication systems to reach their vision of the future.

Our newly integrated team combines existing disciplines from advanced metering and meter data management, to intelligent network management, information systems integration, and network communications.

Key members of the Intelligent Networks and Communications team will be at the AMRA International Symposium - Autovation 2007 - in Reno, Nevada on October 1 and 2. Our experts will be available to discuss the full 360-degree view of AMI, including:

· Advanced Metering Infrastructure

· Protocols and standards

· Grid automation and intelligent control

· Enterprise-wide integration

· Telecommunications

Want to take part in the AMI 360 discussion?

· VISIT - Visit us at Autovation 2007 in the KEMA booth (#410)

· MEET - Schedule a one-on-one meeting at Autovation by contacting Rob Wilhite, our North American Intelligent Networks and Communications team leader

· LISTEN - Hear us speak at Autovation

· INFORM - Read and contribute to KEMA's complimentary newsletter "Automation Insight"

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