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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get Your Photos prepared, PS3 Firmware Update 2.60 Now be in this world

The Sony PSP has been given a minor firmware upgrade, with 5.03 soon available for download to the device.

The update brings no new features, but should make crashes a little less prevalent.

Earlier this afternoon, Sony representatives confirmed to GameCyte that software update 2.60 was just around the corner, and that readers like yourself might receive it -- and the included Photo Gallery application -- tomorrow morning.

Well, "tomorrow" has morphed into "right now." Fire up your PS3, head to System Update -- as if you had much of a choice, your PS3's internet access is apparently locked down until you take the plunge -- and go get yourself a snack. Right now, our download is clocking in at oh, about 2% a minute.

Once you do get things up and running, feel free to post your impressions in a comment below, or check back tomorrow for GameCyte's verdict
PS3 System Update 2.60 slap , Includes ‘Photo Gallery’ Application
Whatever detractors may say about the $400 entry fee, there's no question that the PlayStation 3 is a powerful multimedia center. Sure, it's no TiVo, but it's much less bloated than your Windows desktop, and houses hardware that can play back the latest movies and rip high-quality music with ease.

Tomorrow, Sony will hopefully make the PS3 a place where you'll want to show off your still images as well. Sony announced today that in addition to support for Divx 3.11, the rapidly-approaching 2.60 software update will include a new application, "Photo Gallery," that allows you to sort and view photos in a wide and often surprising variety of ways.

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