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Saturday, September 13, 2008

DEMEC mechanical strain gauge from Bestech Australia

Bestech Australia offer DEMEC Mechanical Strain Gauge, a single instrument which can take reliable and accurate strain measurements at different points on a structure.

The DEMEC Mechanical Strain Gauge is developed by Mayes Instruments and has gauge lengths of 50 to 2000mm and a discrimination of two microstrains on the 200mm gauge.

This makes the DEMEC Mechanical Strain Gauge suitable for strain measurement and crack monitoring on many different types of structures.

The DEMEC Mechanical Strain Gauge consists of an invar main beam with two conical locating points, one fixed and the other pivoting on a special knife edge. The points sit in pre-drilled stainless steel discs, which are attached to the structure with adhesive.

The pivoting point’s movements are measured by the strain gauge, which is attached to a base plate on the invar beam. Thermal movement within the instrument is negligible.

With practice, 200 strains per hour can be measured with accuracy of about ±5 x 10-6 under most laboratory test conditions.

Even better accuracy has been obtained using the gauge in its horizontal position. In development tests of this kind, 90% of measured strains were within ±3 x 10-6 of the mean.

The digital version of the DEMEC Mechanical Strain Gauge incorporates a digital indicator with a resolution of 0.001mm, zero set, preset and output for SPC.

The indicator can be connected to a data processor for recording and analysis of results. The indicator displays spindle movement digitally by means of a linear encoder and has a response speed of 1000mm per second. The digital DEMEC is battery operable.

The DEMEC Mechanical Strain Gauge come complete with an invar reference bar, for control measurements and a setting out bar for accurate positioning of locating discs.

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