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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alternative Fuel-New energy sources

FUEL ! Its really not much if say without fuel nothing is possible -FUEL is energy for life or electricity,In political comment we manytimes get the big matter of world politics is rounded by fuel factors.

For the time demand it was started to findings the way of fuel rather than general fuel.

There are more than a dozen alternative and advanced fuels in production or use today. Although government-regulated and voluntary private fleets are the primary users of these fuels, consumers are showing a growing interest in them. Use of these fuels is critical to reducing dependence on foreign oil and improving air quality.
This page serves as a table of contents for the Alternative and Advanced Fuels section. For more information, choose the links below.
Alternative Fuels
These fuels are defined as alternative fuels by the Energy Policy Act of 1992 and are currently, or have been, commercially available for vehicles.
Natural Gas
Other Fuels
Several emerging fuels are currently under development. Many of these fuels are also considered alternative fuels and may have other benefits such as reduced emissions or increased energy security.
Biomass to Liquids (BTL)
Coal to Liquids (CTL)
Fischer-Tropsch Diesel
Gas to Liquids (GTL)
Hydrogenation-Derived Renewable Diesel (HDRD)
Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel

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