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Monday, August 18, 2008

Turkcell signed a deal with Apple to sell iPhone 3G in Turkey

Turkcell said Monday it will bring Apple Inc.'s new iPhone 3G to Turkey later this year.

The iPhone 3G, which promises faster Web browsing than the year-old original model, went on sale July 11 in the United States and 21 other countries.

Turkcell, the leading wireless provider in Turkey with 35.4 million customers, did not give a specific date or price for the Turkish launch. Turkcell said the iPhone will be available to customers of both its prepaid plans and recurring subscription services.

The iPhone 3G continues to sweep across the world, an unstoppable force that…er…cannot be stopped. Aple’s added yet another partner to its extensive list of iPhone 3G cohorts: Turkish cell phone provider Turkcell.

While Apple had already made a deal with Vodafone to distribute the iPhone 3G in Turkey, it has now reached an understanding with Turkcell, which, with over 35 million subscribers, is the largest mobile operator in the country (that’s about half the population of Turkey). Turkcell offers both pre- and postpaid cell phone plans, and in a statement it promised to bring the iPhone 3G to both kind of customers later this year.

That’s a pretty sizeable chunk of potential iPhone customers, to be sure, as well as one that gives the iPhone a good foothold in the Middle East. While Turkey may not be among the twenty countries to get rolled out this very week, we imagine that we’ll be seeing it in the not too distant future.

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