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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cuil not a Google killer - yet

With hours of being launched Monday, Cuil - a new search engine created by former top Google engineers - was already being touted in the blogosphere as the next Google killer. But unless Cuil (pronounced ‘cool’) can develop an ad platform to rival Google’s, Cuil will have a difficult time challenging the search giant.
Cuil is not so cool
WANNABE GOOGLE KILLER Cuil's first day in the search engine playground turned out to be a disaster.

While the new search engine was high in the list of Google's Trends listings, for most of the day the site was off-line.

The on-again oh-look-its-off-again search engine kept turning up pages that were empty other than the words "cuil shuttered.png" and "cuilfail4.jpg".

Users also moaned that search results were inaccurate. A quick search on the name 'Nick Farrell" [who he? Ed] showed my stories, or books, next to pictures that had nothing to do with me. Then the other Nick Farrell, the one who people are actually interested in seeing his sex tape, had a couple of INQ pictures beside his name.

The word "penguins" or "failure" returned zero results, although we can't understand what inspired punters to type those words in.

CrunchGear notes that leads to an Italian porn outfit, but we couldn't possibily investigate that further. ยต

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