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Friday, May 16, 2008

Music for Workouts, Motivation and More!

SparkSounds: Music Playlists from SparkPeople

Music is important to most people. It can pick you up when you're feeling down, motivate you when you need a little push, and inspire you to go the extra mile during a workout.

Below you'll find SparkPeople playlists, which were created by our own staff members and experts! By clicking on a playlist below, a small music player will pop up. Keep it playing in the background while you're using the website or watching one of our workout videos. You can also look at the song lists for ideas to add to your own music player! We hope you enjoy these SparkSounds!

SparkGuy's SPARK Mix
These songs SPARK our founder and CEO to keep improving SparkPeople! From SparkGuy, "Warning: some rock songs in this one! :-)"

Coach Dean's Baby Boomer Mix
Some musical "deep thoughts" to soothe a frazzled mind.

Coach Dean's Ballads for Baby Boomers
A short musical tour through some memorable moments (and movements) of the '60s.

Coach Denise's Mellow Mix
Otherwise known as the Jack and John mix...relaxing songs from John Mayer and Jack Johnson

Coach Denise's Rock Mix
Upbeat rock songs!

Coach Nicole's Inspirational Mix
"These are some of the motivational songs I listen to for a quick pick-me-up," says Coach Nicole.

Coach Nicole's Upbeat Mix
These songs came straight from Coach Nicole's iPod. "I use these songs in Spinning all the time!" she says.

SparkPeople Favorites: 80's Fun
Many SparkPeople employees are children of the 80's. Here are over 20 of our favorite upbeat songs from that genre.

SparkPeople Favorites: Adrenaline Mix
These 11 songs will keep you going during an intense workout!

SparkPeople Favorites: Best of Country
Upbeat, serious, and sometimes silly--this playlist features several country music favorites!

SparkPeople Favorites: Relaxing Classical
Listening to classical music while working on the computer can help you relax and avoid outside distractions.


SparkSounds!a small feature called SparkSounds, where you can listed to streaming music while on SparkPeople and on your computer. Some are upbeat for motivation and energy, while some are relaxed for concentration or reflection.

Right now ;it just have a handful of playlists that were created by our experts, members, and staff. In the future we may do more with music on the site, partly based on how much all of our members like SparkSounds.

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