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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Flash Drive Has Protection Feature

As the computing world has become smaller, it has created bigger problems for users.

Take, for instance, sensitive information. Back a few decades ago, it would have been impossible to misplace or lose information. The database had to be stored on a mainframe, which was larger than a work desk.

Even when magnetic storage devices came into being, they were a long way from being portable. And the first laptops? They were often referred to as "luggables," because they were more suitable for luggage than lap top.

Today, a flash drive no larger than an index finger can hold millions of names and numbers. An entire company's business plan and customer list can fit on it. It can easily be carried.

And just as easily left behind.

If you're one who finds that thought disturbing, consider the Padlock drive from Corsair. The flash drive has a key pad on its front. Once programmed with a personal identification number, the drive can't be used until the correct PIN - from one to 10 digits - is entered.

Once the correct code is entered, it must be plugged into a USB port within about 10 seconds or the drive will relock itself. It also automatically relocks when removed from the USB port, or if it is left in the computer when the computer is turned off.

The drive comes in one- and two-gigabyte sizes and sells for around $30.

The Padlock has six buttons and a red and green LED. One of the buttons has an icon of a key on it. Press it to begin entering the PIN number. Each number key handles two numbers: Press the first key once for 0; quickly press it a second time to enter 1. The remaining keys are grouped 2-3, 4-5, and so forth. Press the button with the key icon again when finished. If the PIN was entered correctly, both the red and green LEDs will flash. Insert the drive into the USB port of the computer and the drive is recognized.

The drive comes with a clearly written instruction sheet. And there is another nice feature as well: If you want to change the PIN number, but don't have the instruction sheet, look on the drive itself. A copy is stored there that can be viewed using any Adobe reader program.

In addition, Corsair also provides a free Web site where Padlock owners can store PIN numbers. If you forget the PIN number, supply the Web site with a name, e-mail address and password and it will be sent.

A Corsair spokeswoman said the keypad entry system is a low-cost approach to protecting data. It also avoids the problem of using encryption (software is needed on the host computer) or drives with biometric fingerprint sensors.

She also noted the Padlock works without software installation on Windows, Mac and Linux-based computers.


Corsair Introduces 32GB High-Density USB Flash Drives
for Flash Voyager™ and Flash Survivor™ at CES 2008
USB Drives Have Capacity to Hold Over 16 Full-Length High-Definition Movies
or an Entire Season of a TV Series

A worldwide leader in high performance computer and flash memory products, announced today that it is expanding its Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor USB family lines with new 32GB capacity offerings. The new Corsair 32GB Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor USB drives will be debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 (CES) next week in Las Vegas in the Corsair Suite at the Wynn Hotel and at Showstoppers CES 2008.
Ultimate Solution for Storing, Transporting & Backing-up Critical Data
Users now have the ultimate solution for storing, transporting and backing up large amounts of personal and professional data. Whether using the Corsair proprietary all-rubber Flash Voyager or the aluminum-encased water-proof Flash Survivor, the large amounts of data on the drive will be safeguarded for users with an active lifestyle. Corsair USB drives provide the added ruggedness and performance not found in other storage drives utilizing rotating media.
Corsair 32GB drives provide the storage capacity necessary to hold over 16 full-length, high-definition movies or even an entire season of your favorite TV series. These large density drives can also be used as portable back-up devices for critical or sensitive information. In addition, Corsair 32GB USB 2.0 drives are bootable, which means users can actually store full versions of operating systems and applications in order to quickly “re-create” the necessary software environments to troubleshoot system problems.
Corsair 32GB USB drives are immediately available:
Flash Voyager 32GB ~ MSRP $229.99 USD
Flash Survivor 32GB ~ MSRP $249.99 USD

"Whether with innovative designs, like the Flash Voyager and Flash Survivor, or industry leading large-density drives in convenient portable form-factors, Corsair is always pushing the limit of what USB portable storage has to offer," said Jack Peterson, VP of Marketing at Corsair. "Our newest USB additions will allow a whole new set of users – multimedia, technical and data conscious – to take advantage of rugged, high-performance solid-state storage," added Peterson.
Corsair 32GB USB drives are available through Corsair’s authorized distributors and resellers world-wide. Each drive is bundled with a lanyard, security software/driver preloaded, and USB extension cable. Corsair flash products are backed by a 10-year Limited Warranty. Complete customer support via telephone, email, forum and TS Xpress is also available. For more information on Corsair USB drives,

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