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Thursday, January 10, 2008

CES 2008 – Dell’s Curve monitor is something to drool over

Las Vegas (hybrid-ces ).Invention innovation attracts all. In CEs 2008 Dell’s Alienware Curve monitor is definitely a sight to behold. Crowds at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show lined up to see Crysis being played o the 3-foot wide curved screens. The Curve can display 2880 by 900 pixels and has an incredible .02 millisecond response time.

The concept behind the monitor is actually quite simple. There is a DLP rear projection unit and the picture is simply streamed to the curved screen which spans your frontal and peripheral vision space. Of course this all takes space and this thing is both wide and deep. No LCD thinness here!

Company officials said the monitor is a prototype and that the white border lines that you see in the picture will be fixed by the time the product ships.

Unfortunately, there was no mention of pricing, but we expect it to be very, very expensive.

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