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Friday, October 12, 2007

Microsoft’s mobile team reorgs, focuses on Live services :Microsoft and Nokia

The mobile unit recently reorg'ed in a way that gives the marketing of Microsoft's Live services more visibility.

The Mobile Communications business - under Senior Vice President Pieter Knook - has "realigned," in Microsoft's words. The result: "Two separate discipline teams get rolled into one," a corporate spokeswoman acknowledged, while, at the same time "two robust product marketing organizations" get created. These marketing orgs are "Platform Planning and Product Management" and "Mobile Services Planning and Product Mangement."

The Mobile Services planning team is "responsible for planning and marketing of Windows Live and new mobile service offerings delivered with and through Mobile Operators on Windows Mobile and other converged device phone platforms," the spokeswoman added.

As a result of the reorg:

John O' Rourke will lead the new Platform Planning and Product Management team.
Bart Wojciehowski will lead the Mobile Services Planning and Product Management organization.
Tony Mestres will continue leading the Worldwide Partner and Segment Engagement team.
Scott Horn will continue to lead the Mobile Communications Business' Campaigns and Communications group.
All of these execs continue to report to Knook.

Mobile communication falls under Microsoft's Entertainment and Devices (MED) division. Microsoft considers mobile as a "major component of the Connected Entertainment vision" for MED.

Microsoft has been stepping up its campaign to get mobile phone makers to add support for Windows Live services and the Windows Live suite. In August, it struck such a deal with Nokia for S60 and S40 devices.


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