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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Find in Virtualization :Virtualization Delivers IT and Business Benefits for SMBs

Virtualization is a technology that can benefit anyone who uses a computer, from IT professionals to commercial businesses and government organizations. Join the millions of people around the world who use virtualization to save time, money and energy while achieving more with the computer hardware they already own.

Virtualization Delivers IT and Business Benefits for SMBs.

Virtualization leader VMware has been a pioneer in both enterprise and SMB virtualization deployments, particularly in server virtualization. In June 2006, VMware launched its VMware Infrastructure 3 bundled solutions, packaging together the company's older and newer product functionality into several easily digestible bundles. This initiative included some entry-level pricing designed to put virtualization in reach of a wider array of enterprises and, notably, SMB customers grappling with various IT management and disaster recovery issues.This paper profiles the virtualization experience of two VMware SMB-size customers, and provides a window into the รข€˜real-life' impact of virtualization for IT managers juggling the dual priorities of remaining competitive and keeping costs in check

Guide to Virtual Infrastructure Implementation.

The decision to implement a virtual infrastructure within your enterprise is a smart one that will provide numerous financial and operational benefits to your organization. There are many options and directions that the roadmap to virtualization can take depending on the unique needs of your organization. This paper provides a practical implementation strategy with a phased approach to virtualization that will enable you to experience success and provide a solid foundation from which to expand

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