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Monday, October 1, 2007

Battlefield Broadband, FALCON

zBattlefield Broadband, FALCON

BAE Systems has been awarded a £45m-plus contract by the UK Ministry of Defence to upgrade the RAF's battlefield information system.

FALCON Increment C will provide broadband-like voice, data and video communications for the RAF worldwide. It will also link to MOD systems such as Skynet 5 satellites. The system, to be delivered in 2010, offers greatly improved data throughput, security, and mobility compared with current systems.

Martin Sheppard, the UK MOD's theatre and formation communications systems IPT leader said: "FALCON Increment C will give a significant boost to the RAF's ability to deploy on operations.

FALCON will be supplied in three installation types giving the RAF operational flexibility. These will be vehicle mounted containers, dismounted containers and palletised systems. The vehicle is capable of carrying three personnel and all the variants can be airlifted.

BAE Systems was awarded the FALCON Increment A contract in March 2006, to provide the British Army with an information infrastructure system, valued in excess of £200m, which is due to enter service in 2010.

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