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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A 13-year-old hacker breaks the iPod Touch out of jail

No doubt Hackers are genious.

A 13-year-old hacker has revealed a new hack code called iJailBreak, which allows iPod Touch owners to traverse Apple's 1.1.1 update and add third-party applications to iconic touchscreen device.

Online technology experts CNET are today reporting that a new piece of pesky hacker-provided development code has appeared across the Internet that is unlikely to cause Apple Inc. to spontaneously perform cartwheels of joy.

More pointedly, a 13-year-old member of the hacker community (known only as AriX) has apparently provided CNET with a press release touting the use of iJailBreak in conjunction with the new iPod Touch media device. AriX claims that the successful melding of the two will enable the diminutive touch-screen device to run third-party applications "without having to take a computer science class."

While cnet was unable to immediately clarify whether iJailBreak does indeed allow iPod Touch devices to run third-party apps, there are already several Apple-related product forums confirming the code's usefulness. However, it should be noted that it definitely will not function alongside the iPhone handset, and will only work with those iPod Touch units equipped with Intel-based Macs.

The arrival of iJailBreak will likely be welcomed with open arms by those iPod Touch users disgruntled by the recent release of Apple's 1.1.1 software patch, which disabled any prior third-party app installers. Plus, iJailBreak is also a much more user-friendly solution than the initial jailbreak code that appeared during the course of last week but required considerable technological know-how to implement.

This latest version of iJailBreak is reportedly better suited to those wanting to open their iPod Touch devices to third-party applications without having to indulge in any excessive tech fiddling, with the release stating that: "the only user interaction required for iJailBreak to work is to restart the iPod Touch using the button on the top of the iPod. The application does the rest."

AriX warns that installing iJailBreak could potentially brick the user's unit, but that, like any other iPod, returning the device to its default factory settings is easy.

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