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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Honda starts long-term road safety commitment

Honda motorcycle and automobile companies recently broke ground to officially commence the construction of Honda Safety Driving Center (HSDC).

The HSDC is a world-class driving center where drivers learn proper driving discipline and skills within a controlled and safe environment.

HSDC will play a vital role in fulfilling Honda's obligation as a responsible manufacturer of motorcycles and automobiles. It will be located in a 2.3-hectare lot in Bicutan, ParaƱaque along South Superhighway.

Three Honda companies - the Asian Honda Motor Co., Ltd. (ASH), Honda Philippines, Inc. (HPI) and Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) - have put-up an initial investment of P207 million to complete HSDC training resources including a world-class training facility that combines automobile and motorcycle courses.

"Honda's responsibility must not end in supplying the market with safe vehicles. We should make it our job to impart the correct driving discipline, techniques and proper vehicle maintenance. This Honda commitment will be the core responsibility of HSDC as a non-stock, non-profit member of the Honda Group of Companies in the Philippines," said Kazuhiko Ikezoe, HSDC president, in his speech during the ceremony.

With the right technical expertise sourced from Honda's vast experience in operating 43 traffic education centers around the world, the Philippine society is assured of highly-effective and safer alternatives to acquiring driving skills in a non-contained environment.

The center's expansive track is designed to develop safety as a discipline; and driving proficiencies in a controlled environment.

The circuit purposely includes interaction between motorcycle and automobile users in order for learners to experience actual traffic and road conditions before going public.

HSDC will open its doors to the public in March 2008.

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