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Sunday, September 30, 2007

2007 Laptop Buyer’s Guide

2007 Laptop Buyer’s GuideIt's been a long time coming and we're proud to announce that's Laptop Buyer's Guide has finally been updated. The last time we released a version of this the Pentium 4 Mobile was the hottest thing going, 512 MB of RAM was more than enough, and Vista was still a long way off.

The updated guide goes through a notebook piece by piece so you can find what you are looking for and then customize it so you get just what you want. By using the recommended gear, you can ensure your notebook won't be outdated any time soon, though the minimum guidelines will be great for a basic system, such as for work or for a student.

The last part of the guide ties into's real-time pricing engine to get you up-to-date prices on all sorts of hardware. While you will probably be interested in buying a notebook and not building one, these links can help you see how much individual components are selling for, which can be helpful for comparing to the upgrade price of laptop manufacturer, or even for upgrading a laptop that you already own.

Laptop Buyer's Guid

Thinking of buying a laptop? Make sure you know what you're getting. Below, you'll find our recommendations to keep in mind when buying a PC laptop and detailed information on each component found both inside and outside of your laptop.

If you want to dive right in and configure your own laptop, check out our Laptop Buying Engine where you can choose by manufacturer, processor type, screen size, and more.

Also, read through our PC Laptop Buyer FAQ and if you have comments on our recommendations, bring them to our Forums.

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