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Friday, August 31, 2007

Lightest Full HD Camcorder by Sanyo

Sanyo Electric Co. <6764> said Thursday it will introduce the world's smallest and lightest digital camcorder compatible with full high-definition recording, accelerating downsizing efforts by Japanese electronics makers.
The new digital camcorder, which will be released under the Xacti brand in mid-September, weighs 268 grams, some 22 grams lighter than a similar product Matsushita Electric Industrial Co. <6752> introduced on Aug. 1 that is currently the world's lightest, Sanyo said.
It is also 18 pct smaller than Matsushita's camcorder.
Sanyo reduced the weight of the new camcorder by cutting down the number of integrated circuit chips used, the company said.
The new product enables full high-definition recording of about 85 minutes with an 8-gigabyte Secure Digital Memory Card. It will retail for around 120,000 yen.
The company expects to sell 100,000 units worldwide in the first year of the launch.

News Inside news:

I. summary - Presently, as for viewing environment of the movie where the customer was photographed, furthermore Kousei small conversion large picture conversion is advanced by the enlargement of the hi-vision television which accompanies the spread of terrestrial digital broadcast. According to JEITA "AV principal item world demand estimate", for 2006 country composition ratio of the terrestrial digital television in the television approximately has become 68%, 2007: Approximately 81%, 2008: Approximately, it is the possibility that 92%, it directs to the analog stopping wave 2011 and it spreads expands. In addition, ratio of the hi-vision model in the domestic video camera 2006: Approximately 26%, 2008: Approximately 64%, 2010: It is thought as the thing which approximately is expanded to 85%. (This corporation estimate)
 At this corporation, we sold the digital movie camera Xacti "DMX-HD1" to which in 2006 February hi-vision (720p) it can record to the SD memory card the system MPEG-4 movie for the first time in the world. It received the appraisal where the merit that development concept is "anytime easily you can take the hi-vision movie and the Kousei small photograph and anywhere", is high in the market. After that "DMX-HD1A" (2006 September) "DMX-HD2" (2007 March) consecutively it sold, the silicon movie * started endeavoring to the enlargement of 3 markets.
 This time, be able to record the full hi-vision movie of the 1920×1080 pixel easily, the digital movie camera which can make also the retention and playback of the image which photographed simple, we sell Xacti "DMX-HD1000".

II. Details explanation
1. Worldwide smallest most light weight
* 1 full HD (1920×1080 record) digital movie As for DMX-HD1000 worldwide smallest most of cubic measure 272cc and mass 268g light weight
* 11920 (horizontal resolution) the ×1080 (vertical resolution) full HD record is possible at compact size. In movie recording type full HD of approximately 43 parts (the 1920×1080) record is possible in the SDHC memory card of 4GB with the adoption of image compressed technology MPEG-4 of advancement AVC/H.264. In order high speed to process the bulk data of full HD, "platinum ## (sigma) the engine" new development. "Platinum ## (sigma) the engine" those of 2 tip/chip constitution 1 chipped until recently with the development of the individual full HD corresponding H.264 codec, made the miniaturization of set possible. In addition, serial radiography of approximately 2 hours was actualized with the battery of attachment with such as high bulk compressibility and approximately 4.2w where it is due to the optimization of image processing algorithm architecture electric power consumption low.
2. "New ergonomics design" adoption of natural photographing style It is Xacti series common concept, while following the individual design whose muscle burden when photographing is little with natural photographing style, even at the time of tripodal use the lens becomes horizontal, "new ergonomics design" is adopted.
 This time, whether the difference of the photographing style again with the angle of the lens and grip, some kind of effect is produced on the muscle, it researched with associate Professor and our company research and development headquarters digital system laboratory Yosihiro Professor Tetuo university graduate school engineering postgraduate course design scientific major human life engineering laboratory Katsuura Chiba Simomura jointly.
 Angle of the lens and grip draws up the experimental model of 7 types from those of the 0° to the 135°, the measurement of muscle electric potential of the right arm 6 place and analyzes the muscle burden at the time of movie photographing the subjective appraisal by the questionnaire on the basis of. It was proven as a result, when angle of the lens and grip is the 105°, muscle burden is easy to use small that.
 This time DMX-HD1000 of announcement adopts this angle, also from grip form by the fact that it makes the design which fits to the palm, from to have has pursued cheapness.
3. Simply it can retain & can play back the image which photographed "Xacti library" function Until recently, as for retention and playback of the image which photographed with full hi-vision, there was also a point that it handles the data of bulk, there were times when it needs private hard. It is the function which can make the retention playback of the movie and the photograph data where the "Xacti library" the docking station of attachment and external hard disk drive of marketing * USB connection * 5 just does 4, photographed simple. The substance is set to the docking station, it is the sufficient simple operation retention or playback mode being selected from the menu on the picture of television. When playing back, sum nail of the file which would like to become viewing with the remote control which is attachment just is chosen can enjoy immediately from the picture. In addition, because album function is built in to the "Xacti library", gathering the various scenes freely, you said that it draws up the original album, screens with sliding show also method of using which is pleasant is possible. If the "Xacti library" is used, it is possible it not being private hard and the personal computer, to leave simply, to look at the numbers of the scene of memory.
* It is not something which guarantees the operation in 4 all HDD.
* Using 5 attachment private cables. The HDMI cable becomes selling separately.
4. Photograph function of completenessIt corresponds to the high sensitivity photographic set-up of ISO 3200.
To force to shutter chance, high-speed connected copying function of second 7 scene. * 6
During movie photographing simultaneous photographing record of the photograph is possible. * 7
8,000,000 pixel suitable photographic recording is possible.
* As for 6 record picture primes approximately 4,000,000 pixel.
* As for 7 record picture primes approximately 2,000,000 pixel.
New development "multiple being off-center canceler" loading
In still picture hand being off-center revision this corporation individual "multiple being off-center canceler" anew development. With this system, it corresponds to also revolution being off-center revision and subject being off-center revision. In addition, this corporation individual electronic type hand being off-center system in the base, it was off-center in the movie and increased the picture area of the detection territory, from actualized the improvement of revision precision.
New development photograph face detection function
When photographing the face detection maximum of 12 is possible. Photographing which corresponds to AF and the like which puts emphasis on optimum AE and the central person who respond to the detection area designates the face as the center is possible. In the image restoration which photographed in face detection, one face focusing on expression of subject understands clearly by the fact that zoom it does.
5. Other meritsFeeling at rest even with the beginner, operational "simple mode" loading.
Being one-touch, you can reset various mode sets the "full automatic button".
Can play back the data of full HD "Nero corporation Nero 7 Essentials", compilation is possible on the personal computer, "Ulead DVD MovieWriter 5 SE" attachment.
Power source on/off of substance possible private remote control. (At the time of docking station connection)
The new development 2.7 type 230,000 pixel wide liquid crystal monitor adoption which corresponds to the HD picture.
The 1900mAh bulk lithium ion battery which corresponds to new development and long haul life.
The external Strobo, the video light/write and the microphone etc you install, possible accessory shoe loading.
The telecon version lens (1.6 times)/the wide conversion lens (0.7 times)/the semi fish eye (0.4 times) preparing the lens/the digital wireless microphone etc as the option item.

Product name Digital Movie Camera
Model Number DMX-HD1000
Color Silver , Black
MSRP Open Price
Sales Date Mid-September 2007
Initial Global Monthly
Production 15,000 units

Please note the contents of this press release, is specific to the model sold in Japan.
SANYO will launch this product in various regions around the world, though the name, model number, specifications, etc. may differ.

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