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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


presented by Md moshiur Rahman

The LHC is the next step in a voyage of discovery which began a century ago. Back then, scientists had just discovered all kinds of mysterious rays, X-rays, cathode rays, alpha and beta rays. Where did they come from? Were they all made of the same thing, and if so what?

These questions have now been answered, giving us a much greater understanding of the Universe. Along the way, the answers have changed our daily lives, giving us televisions, transistors, medical imaging devices and computers.

On the threshold of the 21st century, we face new questions which the LHC is designed to address. Who can tell what new developments the answers may bring?

Building 904, where the short straight sections are being assembled, is often called "Lego Land" by the workers because of the wide variety of these sets of magnets and cryostats.

The mirrors of the RICH2 detector, one of the two Ring Imaging Cherenkov detectors of the LHCb experiment, are meticulously assembled in a clean room.

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