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Friday, August 10, 2007

ESRI Showcases Latest Technology, Solutions, and Expertise at GITA

ESRI Showcases Latest Technology, Solutions, and Expertise at GITA

ESRI will showcase ArcGIS, the complete enterprise geographic information system (GIS), at the Geospatial Information and Technology Association (GITA) Annual Conference 30 in San Antonio, Texas, March 4-7, 2007. ESRI will demonstrate its unique approach to the management and use of geospatial knowledge that can benefit utility organizations of all sizes. In addition, ESRI president Jack Dangermond will present a paper called Enterprise GIS, Exploring the Possibilities for Mission Critical Operations. His presentation will focus on the latest trends in GIS and its impact on mission critical operations.

Dangermond notes, "Geospatial knowledge and functionality underpin the vast majority of business processes within companies that manage complex infrastructures. Whether it's powerful visualization and cartographic mapping, enterprise spatial analysis, comprehensive data management, or interoperable solutions, ESRI GIS software meets the needs of utility organizations of all sizes. ESRI technology helps engineering, design, maintenance, and construction as well as other activities like customer care, billing, forecasting, and environmental management."

ESRI will showcase how energy and infrastructure companies transform insights into business results by demonstrating key technologies and solutions:

ArcGIS Server provides the power of a GIS-enabled service-oriented architecture (SOA) to equip decision makers with the speed, agility, and tools to get business results. It allows them to meet asset management challenges and operational needs and to provide a simple way to integrate spatial knowledge into the IT mainstream.
ArcGIS Desktop includes showcases new innovations in data management, spatial analysis and modeling, intelligent cartography, distributed editing, and history management. These features permit employees throughout the enterprise, from the executive to the engineer to the call center representative to the field worker, to receive and integrate asset information quickly and easily.
ArcGIS Image Server allows infrastructure companies to view and integrate high-quality imagery within hours of its creation, facilitating rapid response to power outages, emergencies, or natural disasters.
ArcGIS Mobile gives field-workers access to the complete functionality of their enterprise GIS on lightweight, "sometimes connected" field devices like cell phones, PDAs or tablet PCs, significantly enhancing field decision making and productivity.

ESRI staff will be present to highlight other ArcGIS functionality and performance capabilities that make it the ideal solution for energy and infrastructure companies. ArcGIS provides a powerful, integrated platform for sharing, analysis, visualization, and information capture and update:

ArcGIS provides a complete system for authoring, serving, and using geographic information and integrating other geospatial technology and standard IT infrastructure.
ArcGIS supports an unrivaled range of IT and GIS standards.
ArcGIS provides a new way to manage and disseminate geographic knowledge, making GIS information available to anyone.
ArcGIS is a powerful and flexible developer platform.
ArcGIS provides a new medium for understanding by providing systematic knowledge, an integrative framework, analytic methods, and intuitive visualization.
ArcGIS helps you make informed decisions; know where, when, why, and how to take action; and share your knowledge with others.

More than 30 ESRI partners offering extended applications, solutions, and services for the infrastructure community will be exhibiting at the show. Stop by the ESRI booth for a map of this innovative community. The ESRI team will be in booth 233.

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